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Anderson Cooper – Body Shops say Insurance Companies are skimping on repairs.

​​Auto Body shops throughout the nation say that insurance companies skimp on safety in order to pad their pockets. When insurance companies skimp on paying for safety it leaves the consumer in an unsafe vehicle. Anderson Cooper investigates poor repairs done at an “Insurance Company Recommended Body Shop” and the behind the scenes look at the side deals these body shops have with insurance companies, which the consumer usually has no clue about. These side deals force the body shops to do the bare minimum to fix your car, including using aftermarket, used, or reconditioned parts. These items can be a serious safety issue and attorney generals in several states are suing the insurance companies over this issue.

Why Get a Post-Repair Inspection After a Car Accident?

You should get a Post Repair inspection to assure you got a quality Repair and to make sure your car is safe to drive.  Many shops feel they have to turn out a high volume of quick and cheap repairs in order to turn a profit.  Driving your family and friends in an unsafe car is not a situation you want to find yourself in.  Especially if you have another accident.  At Wreck Check Atlanta we offer free phone consultations to determine if a post-repair inspection is right for you.

Honda is a safety system

Honda is a safety system, when your Honda is involved in an accident aftermarket/imitation (non Honda) parts can cause vehicles airbag system to deploy more slowly.  Aftermarket Bumpers, bumper beams, headlights, hoods, doors, and fenders can cause the vehicles safety system to not react properly.  Honda performed a crash test a with Honda bumper parts and did the same crash test using commonly available aftermarket parts, the aftermarket parts caused the airbags to deploy several seconds slower than then Honda parts, which would lower the NHSTA’s crash rating from a 5 star rating to a 4 star rating.