Refund Policy

Before we offer our appraisal solutions to you, we make certain your claim is legitimate by offering you a free diminished value estimate.
All services are non-refundable unless:

  • Separate arrangements were made between us.

​ We cannot refund your transaction if:

  • Your vehicle had prior accidents or damage undisclosed to us.
  • Your claim goes to trial.
  • You’re an attorney representing a client.
  • You were reimbursed for the appraisal cost by the carrier.
  • You signed a release of liability before hiring us and this was not disclosed to us.
  • Your settlement is less than our appraisal amount.

Tax Deduction:
You can still use our appraisal for tax purposes even if we issue a full refund.
The federal government recognizes diminished value and allows for an itemized deduction for uncompensated losses.
Use IRS form 4684*.
*Please consult with your CPA as Wreck Check Atlanta does not offer legal or tax advice. We are not attorneys or accountants but auto appraisers, we do not offer legal or tax advice.