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Is vehicle repair a legal obligation?

Technically, no. However, you may need to repair a vehicle if it is under a lien with a bank or other lender.

Can an insurance company dictate which body shop I use?

No, this practice, known as "steering," is illegal in most states. An insurance company cannot force you to use a specific body shop without violating the law.

Does the insurance company have to pay for a non-repaired vehicle?

Yes, if you choose not to repair the vehicle, you are still entitled to compensation. This should be equal to the cost of restoring the vehicle to its pre-loss condition or its cash value, whichever is lower.

What is “pre-loss condition”?

Pre-loss condition refers to the state of your vehicle immediately before the collision. Insurance should cover the restoration of your vehicle to this condition, ensuring it is neither improved nor diminished.

How many estimates do I need?

You typically do not need multiple estimates, though it can be helpful. Insurance companies often use their own appraiser to evaluate the damage and diminished value of your vehicle.

Why does the estimated amount differ between the insurer and my shop?

Differences can arise due to various factors, such as repair times, visible damage, experience levels, and whether aftermarket or new parts are used.

What are “aftermarket” parts?

Aftermarket parts are not made by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). They are also known as "Like Kind and Quality Parts (LKQ)," "Quality Replacement Parts (QRP)," or "Economy Parts."

Is "like kind and quality" an accurate term?

Typically, no. These parts are often inferior to those made by the original equipment manufacturer. Independent studies have frequently found aftermarket parts to be of lower quality.

What is the difference between “Quality Replacement Parts” and OEM parts?

A major issue with Quality Replacement Parts (QRPs) is their fit. QRPs are reverse-engineered from the original parts, which can lead to poor alignment and performance issues.

What are the drawbacks of aftermarket parts?

Using aftermarket parts can void your vehicle's factory warranty. Additionally, many of these parts are sourced internationally, affecting domestic manufacturing.

Can my insurance company force me to accept aftermarket parts?

No, they cannot. However, customers are sometimes misled into accepting them. You can get assistance from Wreck Check Atlanta or your state's insurance commissioner.

How can I avoid these inferior parts?

Wreck Check Atlanta can help you based on your specific situation. It’s important to shop for the best insurance policy, thoroughly read and understand it, and be aware of any language that suggests using inferior components. Raise any concerns with your state’s elected officials.

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  • Amazing! He told me early on how much money he was going to be able to get me and he was spot on. I paid a small fee to get thousands more in my diminished value claim than the insurance company was offering. Further, RJ was very easy to get in contact with. He responded to my emails almost instantly. The whole process went by so quickly once he was involved. I would recommend him to anyone.

    Hunter Owens
  • My insurance company offered me 37 bucks in diminished value. My case was slightly complex due to the insurance companies appraiser being stubborn and difficult. It had to be escalated to an unbiased umpire for a final binding decision. I wasn't expecting for it to go this far however it did. I ended up getting close to 3K back. RJ is extremely professional and he fights for you. The only issue to me is his preferred method of communication which is by email. Which i became accustomed to because he responds more prompt that way. He generated a 30 to 40 page report. He works extremely hard and for that I'm appreciative.

    Ricky Major
  • RJ is Awesome! He got me 10x what the insurance company offered on a 2 year old accident. Also, I traded the car in 7 months ago so I no longer had it. If I could share this experience with every person I see I would. I’ve already told several family and friends, it’s really just unbelievable to me! If you have any question what so ever, I promise his fee will be the best $275 you’ll ever spend!!

    Paras Raichura
  • Very responsive and professional. Helped me through the process step by step. I know that without their help I would not have gotten any money from the insurance company, literally pennies on the dollar without Wreck Check!

    Mayra Saldana
  • RJ Sweeney is very quick, effective, and efficient. He got me more money out of my car’s value after my insurance company low-balled me. Use him!!!

    Jessica Via
  • Helped us through the process. Very responsive. We were able to get more than we originally though. Thanks, RJ!

    Dani Senne
  • This was my first time working with a diminished value appraiser and RJ Sweeney made it an amazing experience. He helped me get 10 times the amount of the original offer from the insurance company

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