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Understanding your rights as a consumer before, during, and after the collision repair process is crucial. After an accident, you may have the option to use the negligent party’s insurance to cover repair costs. If the accident was your fault, you will need to use your collision coverage. Hiring a diminished value specialist who provides value-added services is highly recommended to avoid an unfair settlement or driving an unsafe, diminished vehicle.

Collision Repair Consumer Rights

Knowing your rights before, during, and after vehicle repairs is essential. You will either use your own insurance or an at-fault party’s insurance to seek indemnity for damage or loss of a vehicle. Hiring a diminished value specialist that provides value-added services is recommended. The alternative is losing out on a fair settlement or potentially driving a vehicle that is unsafe or diminished in value.

The repair and insurance claims process after an accident is complex, with various hurdles and unexpected challenges. You cannot always rely on the professionalism of a body shop or the fairness of an insurance company.

Hire Your Own Auto Collision Repair Expert for Repair Negotiations & Supervision

Navigating the collision repair process can be complicated and stressful. Hiring your own expert can help you through repair negotiations, diminished value insurance claim settlements, and ensuring quality repairs. An expert will advocate for you against the auto body shop and the insurance adjuster.

Insurance Adjusters & Vehicle Repairs

As repair appraisal specialists, Wreck Check Atlanta handles negotiations between the insurance adjuster and the body shop, determining necessary repairs and the parts required. This is vital for protecting your vehicle’s manufacturer warranty.

We understand that navigating the repair process can be frustrating and confusing. Our Wreck Check appraisers communicate with the body shop and insurance adjuster on your behalf. Once repairs are completed, we inspect the vehicle to ensure the highest standards of workmanship have been met.

If you are seeking a diminished value settlement, Wreck Check can produce a report to support your claim. Our experience and knowledge ensure that your consumer rights are protected in any state.

Protect Your Valuable Asset

With the increasing complexity and cost of vehicles, the stakes are higher than ever. It’s essential to safeguard the value of your car and fight for a fair settlement when it loses value after an accident. Hiring an expert ensures that your vehicle is repaired correctly and that you receive proper compensation.

Repair Inspection Consultation

Every repair and diminished value assessment is unique, and laws vary by state. At Wreck Check Atlanta, we are committed to providing comprehensive post-repair appraisals, reports, and services. Our team of highly trained professionals can negotiate with insurance adjusters and body shop staff.

Your vehicle is a significant asset, both practically and financially. After a collision, issues can arise from subpar repairs or unethical insurance practices. If you are concerned about the value or safety of your vehicle, contact Wreck Check Atlanta for a consultation.

First Steps After an Accident

What should you do about your damaged vehicle immediately after the accident? Where should you take it, and how do you best get a rental vehicle? Here are some key steps to take:

  1. Report to Insurance: Contact your insurance company and report the accident.
  2. Save on Storage: Ensure your vehicle is moved to a safe location to avoid storage fees.
  3. Choose Collision Repair: Select a reliable collision repair shop for your vehicle.
  4. Rental Car Rights: Understand your rights regarding rental car coverage while your vehicle is being repaired.

Seven Reasons to Consider Using an Expert for Auto Collision Repair Negotiations & Supervision—and Maybe for Diminished Value Insurance Claim Settlements

  1. Understanding the Estimate: Collision repair estimates can be complex. An expert can help you understand the differences between estimates from the insurance adjuster and the collision repair shop.
  2. Hidden Damage: Vehicles are complex, and significant damage may not be immediately visible. An expert ensures all damage is identified and repaired.
  3. OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts: Knowing when to use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts versus used or aftermarket parts can impact your vehicle’s warranty and resale value. An expert can advocate for the best parts for your repair.
  4. Structural, Mechanical, or Electronic Damage: Serious damage requires thorough evaluation. An expert can ensure proper repairs to structural, mechanical, or electronic components.
  5. Safety Components: Hoods, doors, and bumpers are critical for safety. Using inferior parts can compromise safety. An expert ensures high-quality parts are used.
  6. Diminished Value Claims: Insurance adjusters may use formulas to reduce diminished value claims. An expert can challenge these formulas and advocate for a fair settlement.
  7. Quality of Repair Work: Post-repair inspections are essential to ensure repairs meet high standards. An expert can provide detailed inspections and reports to support your claims.

Finding an Expert

It’s important to find a local expert who can inspect your vehicle and oversee the repair process. Avoid relying solely on internet-based services. A local expert can provide comprehensive evaluations and support your diminished value claim effectively.

Hiring an auto collision repair expert can significantly benefit you by ensuring quality repairs, fair insurance settlements, and protecting your vehicle’s value.

Our happy clients!

Wreck Check Atlanta is the leader in Post Repair Inspections, Diminished Value Assessments and detecting Improper and Unsafe Repairs. Due to our success we have many satisfied clients that would like to tell you about their experience with our company.

  • Amazing! He told me early on how much money he was going to be able to get me and he was spot on. I paid a small fee to get thousands more in my diminished value claim than the insurance company was offering. Further, RJ was very easy to get in contact with. He responded to my emails almost instantly. The whole process went by so quickly once he was involved. I would recommend him to anyone.

    Hunter Owens
  • My insurance company offered me 37 bucks in diminished value. My case was slightly complex due to the insurance companies appraiser being stubborn and difficult. It had to be escalated to an unbiased umpire for a final binding decision. I wasn't expecting for it to go this far however it did. I ended up getting close to 3K back. RJ is extremely professional and he fights for you. The only issue to me is his preferred method of communication which is by email. Which i became accustomed to because he responds more prompt that way. He generated a 30 to 40 page report. He works extremely hard and for that I'm appreciative.

    Ricky Major
  • RJ is Awesome! He got me 10x what the insurance company offered on a 2 year old accident. Also, I traded the car in 7 months ago so I no longer had it. If I could share this experience with every person I see I would. I’ve already told several family and friends, it’s really just unbelievable to me! If you have any question what so ever, I promise his fee will be the best $275 you’ll ever spend!!

    Paras Raichura
  • Very responsive and professional. Helped me through the process step by step. I know that without their help I would not have gotten any money from the insurance company, literally pennies on the dollar without Wreck Check!

    Mayra Saldana
  • RJ Sweeney is very quick, effective, and efficient. He got me more money out of my car’s value after my insurance company low-balled me. Use him!!!

    Jessica Via
  • Helped us through the process. Very responsive. We were able to get more than we originally though. Thanks, RJ!

    Dani Senne
  • This was my first time working with a diminished value appraiser and RJ Sweeney made it an amazing experience. He helped me get 10 times the amount of the original offer from the insurance company

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