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About Me

With over 28 years of experience in the collision repair industry, I am the founder of Wreck Check Atlanta and Sweeney’s Auto Sales. My mission is to deliver top-notch services and products that help customers recover their financial losses and meet their transportation needs.

My Background

My journey in the auto repair industry began at the age of 10, working in my family’s two body shops. From sweeping floors and checking in parts to repairing cars and managing the shop, I’ve done it all. This hands-on experience laid a strong foundation for my career. I later graduated from Auburn University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and have over ten consecutive years as a certified repair professional.

My Expertise

As a certified collision repair estimator and I-CAR Platinum Pro, I bring a wealth of expertise to assessing vehicle damages, upholding industry standards, and negotiating with insurance companies. My skills extend to guiding clients through collision repairs, total loss claims, and diminished value reports.

Our Services

At Wreck Check Atlanta, I prioritize the safety of your family by ensuring your vehicle meets manufacturer specifications and current highway safety standards. My services include:

  • Collision Repair Inspections: Verifying proper parts and structurally approved processes used by repair shops and insurance companies.
  • Total Loss Appraisal: Evaluating your truck’s pre-accident market value to ensure you receive the maximum payout from your insurance company.
  • Diminished Value Appraisal: Determining the reduction in your vehicle’s market value after repairs to help you recover the difference.
  • Insurance Claim Assistance: Supporting your claim with detailed reports, making the process smooth and stress-free.
  • Expert Witness Testimony: Providing credible insights in legal disputes when needed.

Commitment to Quality

I often discover that insurance companies may owe additional compensation due to poor workmanship by their recommended shops. Many of these shops are Direct Repair Facilities (DRP) for the insurance company, where they act as inspectors. If the claim severity is too high, the shop risks being removed from the DRP program, which can lead to compromised repairs. My goal is to ensure vehicles are repaired correctly and returned to you in pre-accident condition regarding function, safety, and appearance.

Beyond Repairs

In addition to my repair expertise, I have a proven track record in sales and inventory management within the auto sales industry. At Sweeney’s Auto Sales, I ensure customer satisfaction by sourcing, purchasing, and selling quality vehicles at competitive prices.

Founder: Wreck Check Atlanta & Sweeney’s Auto Sales

Our happy clients!

Wreck Check Atlanta is the leader in Post Repair Inspections, Diminished Value Assessments and detecting Improper and Unsafe Repairs. Due to our success we have many satisfied clients that would like to tell you about their experience with our company.

  • Amazing! He told me early on how much money he was going to be able to get me and he was spot on. I paid a small fee to get thousands more in my diminished value claim than the insurance company was offering. Further, RJ was very easy to get in contact with. He responded to my emails almost instantly. The whole process went by so quickly once he was involved. I would recommend him to anyone.

    Hunter Owens
  • My insurance company offered me 37 bucks in diminished value. My case was slightly complex due to the insurance companies appraiser being stubborn and difficult. It had to be escalated to an unbiased umpire for a final binding decision. I wasn't expecting for it to go this far however it did. I ended up getting close to 3K back. RJ is extremely professional and he fights for you. The only issue to me is his preferred method of communication which is by email. Which i became accustomed to because he responds more prompt that way. He generated a 30 to 40 page report. He works extremely hard and for that I'm appreciative.

    Ricky Major
  • RJ is Awesome! He got me 10x what the insurance company offered on a 2 year old accident. Also, I traded the car in 7 months ago so I no longer had it. If I could share this experience with every person I see I would. I’ve already told several family and friends, it’s really just unbelievable to me! If you have any question what so ever, I promise his fee will be the best $275 you’ll ever spend!!

    Paras Raichura
  • Very responsive and professional. Helped me through the process step by step. I know that without their help I would not have gotten any money from the insurance company, literally pennies on the dollar without Wreck Check!

    Mayra Saldana
  • RJ Sweeney is very quick, effective, and efficient. He got me more money out of my car’s value after my insurance company low-balled me. Use him!!!

    Jessica Via
  • Helped us through the process. Very responsive. We were able to get more than we originally though. Thanks, RJ!

    Dani Senne
  • This was my first time working with a diminished value appraiser and RJ Sweeney made it an amazing experience. He helped me get 10 times the amount of the original offer from the insurance company

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