Diminished Value

When having to deal with the unfortunate circumstance of making an insurance motor claim due your vehicle being involved in a road traffic accident, there are many variables you need to consider. Your insurance company will likely state that they will get your vehicle back to a pre-accident condition, however, what they won’t tell you about is diminished value.

It is a fact that if you were selling your vehicle side by side with a like-for-like vehicle that hasn’t been repaired due to an RTA, then their vehicle is worth more than yours. Having an accident and going through the repair process can cause diminished value to your much-loved vehicle and we are here to protect you.

Wreck Check has supported customers throughout a range of insurance claim processes. This includes ensuring they received the correct settlement when their vehicle was deemed beyond economic repair, through to negotiating diminished value with the insurer to ensure they were compensated for the loss in value of the repaired vehicle.

If you need assistance with dealing with a diminished value claim against an insurance company for your vehicle, then our team at Wreck Check are here to support you. Please do not hesitate to get in touch and we look forward to speaking with you soon.