First Party & Third Party Claims

First Party Claims (Insureds):

– First Party Claims are those that are filed through your own valid automobile insurance policy.

– The relationship between parties is contractual in nature. In exchange for insurance premiums your policy extends coverage to vehicles listed on the policy.

– You are referred to as the Insured.

– Disputes for diminished value and actual cash value, in the event your vehicle is a total loss, are managed through a portion of your policy called The Appraisal Clause. The process is also referred to as using your “rights of appraisal.”

-Diminished value is owed to you.

Third Party Claims:

– Third Party Claims are filed through the insurance policy of the “at fault” driver, someone other than yourself.

– You are considered a Claimant through the process.

– Disputes are settled by negotiation or through the court system.

-You must request diminished value or the insurance company will not compensate you.


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Beware of Appraisers Posing as Consumer Advocates

Before hiring an appraiser, Ask them how many diminished value claims are referred to them by Insurance Companies. The way they answer this question will tell you about their intentions.

Insurance companies like to minimize the amount they pay out on claims. Any Appraiser stating they can get you a diminished value appraisal the insurance company will accept likely works for the insurance company, and this represents a conflict of interest for the vehicle owner.


I've Know RJ for years through my being he and his father's industry/business consultant (Auto Damage Experts, Inc. (ADE) and have found RJ to be a person of integrity and honor... and he can be a pit-bull when helping his customers protecting their rights.

While some may now see us as competitors, I am proud to have RJ as an industry colleague as I know he will represent it with humility and his ongoing quest to provide the best serve possible. Proud to have him as a member of the Post Repair Inspection profession.

Wishing him the best in his new endeavor!

Barrett Reed Smith r May 8, 2017