Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Will I Need Help to Settle My Diminished Value Claim ?

YES … The insurance industry keeps coming up with new excuses to not pay what they owe on Diminished Value Claims. To the uninitiated, some of their arguments actually seem to make sense. But, to the trained professional, we’ve heard all their arguments before and we know how to deal with each-and-every one of them. Over the past few years, the pool of diminished value “Appraisers” has mushroomed. There are now “Discount” Diminished Value appraisers that will pick-your-pocket for whatever they can get, in exchange for useless reports that are of No Value. The insurance industry even seems to be underwriting some of these Late Entries in an effort to Minimize their Payments on Diminished Value Claims.

How Do I Collect Diminished Value?

Regardless of what others may tell you, collecting Diminished Value from an insurance company can be a difficult and lengthy process. You should utilize the services of a professional Diminished Value claim specialist. The actual process will vary on a state-by-state and case-by-case basis. Wreck Check Atlanta assists consumers in all 50 states. While the principle of Diminished Value has long since been recognized at law, the insurance industry has gone out of their way to not pay consumers for this legitimate damage. For years, the auto insurance industry has lied about owing for this damage and, more recently, has even enlisted the aid of Departments of Insurance in various states to keep from paying this damage to policyholders. With our assistance, there are still opportunities for you to collect the full amount of the Diminished Value of your repaired vehicle.

Will I Need an Attorney ?

Probably Not … Over 95% of our clients are able to negotiate (with our Free follow-up assistance) a satisfactory settlement without having to litigate the issue.
Of the remaining 5% who had filed suit in Small Claims Court (a non -attorney environment) , more than half of those never went forward. The simple act of filing suit brought the at-Fault insurance company to the “Table” and a settlement was reached.
Of the rest of our clients who filed suit and did go forward, 99% WON their case. In those cases, the insurance company had to pay the Diminished Value + Court Costs + Our Fees.
If the amount of your Diminished Value exceeds Small Claims Court authority, you may wish to consider hiring an attorney. We will then be available to help your attorney prosecute your case.
NOTE: If your claim involves both Personal Injury and Diminished Value, your interests could best be served with the help of a Personal Injury Attorney.