Diminished Value Appraisal

$ 300.00

Diminished Value Assessment can be utilized to establish inherent diminished value. This DVA is a narrative report that includes:

  • A Wreck Check Car Scan Center Diminished Value Report.
  • An area market evaluation of the Actual Cash Value for your vehicle
  • An area market evaluation of the Buy Back offers for your vehicle.
  • Supporting documentation including prior diminished value cases, CPO vehicle guidelines.

​​In order for us to process a diminished value appraisal:

  1. Filled out Diminished Value Questionnaire. Diminished Value Questionnaire
  2. Copy of the final insurance estimate of record.
  3. Four Post-Repair Pictures of the vehicle, one of each side.
  4. If the vehicle had a previous loss, we need that repair estimate as well.
  5. $300 Payment.

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